Bob Costas says "no" to covering Natalee Holloway

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Thomas Veil, Aug 27, 2005.

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    Some people may accuse Bob Costas of having a big ego, but I usually find myself admiring his standards in journalism:

    NYT column

    First of all, three cheers for Costas, who is primarily a sports guy but who apparently understands journalism better than anyone over at Fox.

    And it's nice to that see CNN has some standards...although they're guilty of trivializing the news enough on their own.

    Anyone who watches Fox News can attest that they've almost become the "all-Aruba-all-the-time" channel. It's disgusting.

    And yet, that is the kind of "news" that gets ratings. Articles following the death of Peter Jennings cited Jennings' belief that the reason his network newscast trailed behind NBC's is that he chose to cover stories like CAFTA instead of the Michael Jackson trial. I've no doubt Jennings was right.

    Yet that only emphasizes further how far Faux News has slid from being a real news channel. CNN (and even the broadcast networks) may pay too much attention to things like the Emmys and other "tabloidy" stuff, but Fox is embracing tabloid journalism with a addition to its already nefarious practices of slanting their political reportage and filling their evening hours with right-wing hacks.

    The result is a "news" network that is part information, part neo-con propaganda, and part Inside Edition.

    And if that's what America gravitates to as a "news" channel, well...

    (resists temptation to link to the "Are Americans Really That Stupid?" thread)...
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    i'd never heard of Jonathan Klein, but i like what he's saying. it's refreshing to see a news exec targeting the more serious viewer and taking a long-term approach towards improving the news.

    i bet he'll be fired before the year's out.
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    That has become a popular thread to link to, given the direction it went. Proving the theory correct, unfortunately. And we Mac users know better than anyone that quality does not always equal popularity. ;)
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    Wednesday's (August 24) Daily Show had a comment about this story: it's great that Costas is doing this, but take a look at all the other drivel that's still on CNN passing as news.

    Stewarts closing remark: " CNN?"

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