Boeing's Advanced Tactical Laser Conducts First In-Flight Firing

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    Jul 11, 2008
    Flight Daily News (6/16, Trimble) reported that "the Lockheed Martin C-130H-based Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) platform fired a high-power laser for the first time in flight on 13 June, Boeing said late yesterday." According to Boeing, "the ATL, which includes a chemical laser, beam control system and sensors, lased a target on the ground." The company "also plans to soon fly the 747-based Airborne Laser, with a shootdown attempt planned in the fourth quarter," the article reported.

    Now there will be a new meaning to the role "sniper team"! What do you think this type of advancement implicates for foreign policy and warfare?

    Discuss... :)
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    Same response as in your similar thread: Eisenhower is rolling in his grave.

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