Book/guide/resource recommendations


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Apr 23, 2010
Location Sound Bible by Ric Viers. Start to finish, a good read for the beginner. Not too much detail, not too arcane. Very helpful.


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Oct 19, 2017
I've been reading this site LedgerNote lately, particularly all of the guides and tips in these two columns:
Some of the other sections are still growing but those two have touched on pretty much everything I could have needed.


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Oct 10, 2016
Banning, CA 92220
Hi, guys! I found a lot of useful information on your forum. Thank you very much!
I have also, and I really need it quickly as I'm recording the band I grew up playing in on Thanksgiving weekend. We get together once a year. No rehearsals, the "P" word is a sign of weakness and senility, as it's an Allman Bros based band ( same setup, instruments, # of players-8) steeped in improv and good instincts. Blues, Rock, Soul Latin, Funk, etc. This is a loud band that owns you, with excellent players, all pros, not club band guys.

I have not been behind a console in 20 years, so any quick and dirty advice is greatly appreciated. We're live recording (zero 2nd takes) in a something like an Elks lodge with carpet flooring to dampen, and a couple hundred people. 2 drummers, 1 percussionist, 2 guitars, bass, keyboards, B3, lead vocalist.

We all just hit retirement age, and never a major illness till this year, then 3. 2 heart attacks and cancer, so I very much want to record us while we're all still here. Bands are special, but imagine being a group and friends since the second grade, 7 years old. We started playing together as a group at age 12 and played nonstop for almost 40 years.

I don't expect it to be perfect, or pristine, but to capture the essence, energy, soulfulness, and great musicianship, with a good balance in the mix. No crazy effects. Straight up great tones, guitar harmonies, lots of vocal harmonies, 3 drummers, all lead vocalists. Lots of big dynamic work, loud, then suddenly whisper quiet. HUGE energy. It was a challenge for sound guys who weren't used to such large bands, but we do most of the dynamic work with our musicianship.
so that helps a lot.

I'm leaning toward hiring an engineer and just having him bring gear or sharing recourses, as I'm behind the bass. If you're in So Cal, we're between Riverside and Palm Springs, (Beaumont, Yucaipa), area for the gig. It's a 4-5 hour gig, with decently long breaks and time to make adjustments. This recording means the world to me literally. We're literally closer than most families, and that shows in our playing and instincts. Any advice or help would be so appreciated. Pm me for details, advice and help ideas. This a FUN, very chill, situation with good players, big energy and NO EGOS! Really, 8 pieces and never a band leader in 40 years, and we were one of So Cal's biggest party bands outselling Sammy Hagar at one point.