Bootable cloning for macOS Mojave/Catalina


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For a long time I have recommended bootable cloning software for macOS to my friends and readers in the form of Carbon Copy Cloner from Bombich and SuperDuper from ShirtPocket. I have also mentioned ChronoSync a few times, an off site cross platform app and backup service, well worth looking at if you want to sync/backup your work PC with your home device.

Recently after being very impressed with the function and simplicity of Instal Disk Creator from MacDaddy I decided to test out their flagship app, Mac Backup Guru. It has not yet completed the first bootable backup but I can say it's fast, very fast especially compared to Time Machine (TM).

There are a host of differences and advantages with this app over TM as I see it and quite a few over CCC and SD. I was wondering if anybody else had trialed this app and their opinion of it as compared to CCC and SD?

I will complete this first backup, check it to see if it is bootable and give the incremental snapshot function a run as well. I will get back with updates and replies as I go.
At first glance it looks pretty good and it's significantly cheaper than the alternatives.
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