Bootcamp on 21.5 2019 iMac using 100% of the disk at all times.


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Jan 12, 2010
  1. I go to the Microsoft site and download the 64 bit Windows ISO.
  2. Use BootCamp Assistant to partition like 250 GB of Hard Drive Space to Windows 10.
  3. Run the program.
  4. Let it restart into Windows 10 and note it takes like 6 minutes for Windows to load.
  5. Once I login to Windows it takes forever to load anything.
  6. When I check the task manager application it shows that I am using 100% of the hard disk somehow but its showing really low numbers.
Any idea what needs to be done to fix this? I have tried installing BootCamp twice now and this was the result both times. I would really like to see what games like The Witcher 3 look like in a 4k computer like the iMac and I own the games on Windows and have only seen them in 1080P. I don't need Windows for anything else other than gaming some but this makes doing anything near impossible. Any tips or tricks? Should I buy an external SSD and put Windows on that? And I know Macs aren't made for gaming. I have no problem once I get a second monitor for this thing getting an EGPU setup going. All of my work is done via the Mac and I would like to move my gaming PC into my kids room permanently and this would help facilitate that if I could game a little on the Mac.