booting in OS 9 from OS X

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    Yo all! I have a dilemma: The other day I wanted to use a cd-rom program for school that needed OS 9, I was going to use classic mode, but I wanted to boot to OS 9 instead. However, when I chose OS 9 as the boot drive from the Panther sys prefs, then rebooted- it goes to OS 9 boot screen, but after a few minutes, it freezes and I am forced to turn the mac off :( I am wondering how to get back into OS X, as I dont want to lose all my info!!1 Please help!?!

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    Duff-Man says.....hold the X on the keyboard when you boot.....oh yeah!
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    It sounds like OS 9 drivers aren't installed on the machine. Without these drivers, the machine will hang when booting OS 9. It happened to my iMac. Go to Disk Utility once you get back to OS X, and get info on your disk. From there, you'll be able to see whether you have OS 9 drivers installed. If not, you need to reformat the drive to install them.
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    Nov 21, 2003
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    If it comes to reinstalling Mac OS 9, and your only copy of it is on your Software restore disc then you can do the following to get it (this is how it works for my eMac software restore DVD for 10.2, I'm not sure if it's different for other configurations such as CDs). Note that I've provided these steps because the software restore installer doesn't provide any options (that I could see, at least) as to which applications you want to install.

    1. Insert to software restore disc, then in the Go menu of Finder select 'Go to Folder...'.
    2. Type in '/[Name of install disc]/.images/'
    This is because the .images folder is invisible, and can't normally be accessed through Finder.
    3. In the window that appears is a bunch of disk images. Look for one called 'OS9General.dmg'. Mount this, and then copy the files to your HD.

    There may be a simpler way, but this is the method I used when my copy of OS 9 became corrupted.
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    Re: booting in OS 9 from OS X

    If the CD-ROM can run in Classic, why do you want to boot into MacOS 9?

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