Boris Johnson Calls out Obama

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    Yawn. Try an Obama thread about his cackling or cankles.
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    The UK Trump? (which is a good thing mind you)

    Quote from article:
    The London mayor was applauded when he spoke of the EU being "deeply anti-democratic" and "sometimes borderline corrupt" in how it allocated its budget.

    And he said Britain would "thrive and flourish as never before" if it left the EU and agreed its own free trade deals.
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    No surprise. Obama is the least-respected US president ever.
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    Lower than Dubya? I doubt it, but are there any data?

    Two things: First, Boris accused Obama of hypocrisy because the US would never share sovereignty. Obviously Boris has never studied the history of the New World, the uniting of the American colonies and the current three-tiered system of government in the US, the civil war (which killed 600,000+ Americans) fought to preserve the Union, 'united we stand, divided we fall', the US acceptance of international regulatory bodies (e.g., WTO), and all of that. Second, for 100 years Americans have fought side by side with British troops in numerous wars. Two of those wars were European. The US has an interest in peace in Europe, and the EU stabilises it. Obama was expressing a hope for continued European unity, not a diktat.
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    Although I mostly liked Boris Johnson in this interview, he is wrong about calling Obama a hypocrite, because it was Europe who decided it was advantageous to form into a coherent economic block emulating the U.S. (States submitting to national authority), but the problem is that EU members are much more diverse, with much more serious financial and social divergence. At least that's my impression. My opinion, is that based on what has already occurred, President Obama can weigh in on staying or leaving without being a hypocrite. If a U.S. state wanted to leave our union, we'd fight a war over it. ;)

    That said, I always wondered about the EU and its monetary policies, and if parts of it are a financial sink hole, I can understand the desire to take back control of your own ship. The real question is in the long run, which may be unanswerable, after all the pot holes are paved over, will Europe be better off financially as the EU or 28 independent countries?

    One other point, corruption does not equal differences of opinions and how to accomplish tasks. If different member States looking out for their own best interests, is this corruption? We see this all the time in our divided Congress. I call it differences of opinion. Corruption is when rules are being broken and intentions subverted by underhanded dealings. Is this the EU or does Boris just not like the decisions that are being made?

    One difference in the US, I believe all States are required to run balance budgets, so our deficits are based on Federal income and expenditures and we do have our profitable States (surplus) and deficit States who benefit from Federsl funds.
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    Tack "IMO" onto your post and your good to go.
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    Heard his name, but I don't recall seeing a picture before. Looks remarkably like Donald Trump.

    States borrow money all the time-- ever vote on any state bond measures? I don't know of anything at the Federal level that would somehow prevent a state from being too far underwater to pay off its bonds. Cities go bankrupt occasionally and bondholders can be left with pennies on the dollar. In 1975, the city of New York, almost a state in itself, almost went bankrupt--
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    This is true. :)

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