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Aug 4, 2013
Wondering what people think about the Bose OE2 and AE2 headphones?
Both are under $100 on amazon and I was thinking about getting a pair to upgrade from the apple headphones I'm currently using.

I like a little extra bass but other than that I'm just looking for overall better sound quality.
Considering there's only a $10 price difference are the AE2's any better besides covering the entire ear?

Also, any other recommendations for a pair under $100?


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Oct 21, 2005
I found the OE2s a little unstable feeling on my ears (felt like they would slip off). The AE2s are great and comfortable.

Bose doesn't necessarily translate to the best sound quality at all, but I have to say, they really nailed the comfort aspect tremendously...the MIE2i earbuds aren't my best sounding pair but I could wear them for 10 hours without any discomfort. Same for their big cans.


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Jul 27, 2008
I wouldn't buy anything Bose. Look at the Martin Logan mikros 90 on sale at new egg for $60 bucks, normally $299 or you can stretch your budget get the sennheiser amperiors. They can be had for about $130. Both will leagues better than the Bose.