bought 256gb iMac but now want to dual boot, no space?

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    I bought a retina iMac but due to being dumb I only got the 256gb SSD version. Now I don't want to dedicate half of that to Windows.

    My iMac has USB 3, thunderbolt 2 and an external storage card. Is there any external storage that I can buy that's between $100 and $200 that is fast enough that running Windows from wont be excruciatingly slow?

    edit: I have this but really don't know if it's too slow.
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    ThunderBolt 2 and an external SSD should do fine. Maybe USB3 and an external SSD as well. Your budget to do this seems to be very tight and your Windows installation will not be standard, as Windows requires to be installed on an internal drive normally.

    Edit: The Windows filesystem is NTFS. If the statistics/benchmarks you provided are correct, your USB stick will be too slow. In general, USB sticks are optimized for sequential access. Windows will access the stick random, which may further slow down the USB stick speed.
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