Bought old 2008 MAcbook - Any way to find the old Garageband piano lessons?


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Feb 7, 2020

I just bought an old Macbook 2008 with OS X 10.7 Lion on it. Albeit old, this machine is still fluent because it is equipped with 6 Gb of RAM (I believe this is the max it can accommodate) and a 256 Go SSD. I am on a very tight budget (which is the reason I bought such an old machine) and basically I want to use this Mac for two projects 1) translating the novel written by a friend and 2) record the audio output of my Casio electronic keyboard.
For the first project, I managed to install Microsoft Office 2011 and iWorks 2009 and for the second project, I installed Audacity and Garageband (from the old iLife 2011 suite). I know that there were piano lessons for beginners available for this old version of Garageband. Would someone on this forum be willing to share these old lessons files with me, or tell me where I could possibly find them?
Further, I wanted to know if I can directly record the audio output from my keyboard into Audacity or Garageband using the Audio In mini-jack socket of the Mac or will I need to use a digital audio USB interface to that effect?

Thanks for helping.