Bowers & Wilkins’ Zeppelin iPod Speakers

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    Link: Bowers & Wilkins’ Zeppelin iPod Speakers
    Description:: So, what does a $600 speaker sound like? Well, it sounds like a really nice $400 speaker. However, I will admit that the Zeppelin looks and feels like a $600 speaker, and the analogy can be made between the Zeppelin and an expensive car, such as the Mercedes I don’t drive. Sure, you can spend thousands less on a car and get a similar driving experience, but little things – like the sound the door makes when you close it, or the way the interior controls feel in your hands – do make a difference to some people, and add to the overall enjoyment of the car. The same holds true for the Zeppelin. It is not just a speaker, it is a designed piece of art… with a chord. Kind of like an expensive lava lamp. And while my Toyota Camry-driving ass cannot personally justify spending $600 on an iPod-centric speaker system, if I had a Mercedes I would.

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    This may well be the "replacement" to the Apple Hi-Fi. Albeit a higher priced replacement, but the fact that its only available through Apple and boasts "Apple inspired packaging" this seems logical. And could give birth to an entire line of Apple related B&W products.

    I love the floating dock idea. Mainly because it won't be completely useless when Apple releases a product that is just slightly wider than the iPod Classic but nonetheless wide enough to not fit in any of the current docking speakers or devices. (Grr.) In short, its pretty future proof. And it doesn't look funny when you put a smaller device like a Nano in it. It just fits.

    I would love to see this method adopted in more products, like Apple's own dock, for example. So that a person could share a dock for their iPhone, Video iPod, and Nano without looking like a fool.

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