Boxx Tech 3D Workstation ($290)

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    I know everyone here would rather use a mac, but this might be a great second computer if you are into 3D graphics...

    Boxx Technologies specializes in PC's for high-end 3D, only the best components used, certified and optimized for all major graphic applications. This particular machine might not have the all the latest bells and whistles, but it still handles 3DStudio Max like a charm (also checked Softimage and Maya a while back, but never really got into those programs).

    The enclosure is very well built (all metal, front panel is brushed metal) and the interior is tidy (for a PC). It is easy to access all components (no tools needed to open side panel). Lots of room for expansion (5 PCI cards, 4 hard disks…).

    2.3 Ghz Intel Pentium processor (ASUS P4C800 motherboard)
    1 Gig RAM
    80 Gig HD
    DVD-Rom drive
    Floppy drive
    NVIDIA Quadro4 750XGL graphics card
    Firewire port
    USB (4 ports in the back, 2 in the front)
    PS/2 Mouse + Keyboard
    Parallel port
    2 serial ports
    Line Out
    Microphone In
    OS is Win2K

    Easy to upgrade. I paid about $2000 for this three years ago, now selling for $290 (+shipping if you can't pick it up, I live in San Diego county, CA). PM me if you have any questions. Thanks.

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