Boycott Fry's in Manhattan Beach, CA


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Jul 10, 2001
Torrance, Californizzel
Fry's, in Manhattan Beach, CA, doesn't seem like they care about their MAC customers. They're software presentation is sickening. The employees continue to use the MAC side of the aisle for returns, lost itemsand at times a mini-snack bar. It blocks the software. To get any software means that you have to get by stacks ...And I do mean stacks of ...of....****!!!! Why?...I've asked them to remove the junk...And they're reply is always.."Well, we can't do anything about it". ********. Just across the aisle, a meir 2 feet, are nothing but PC related programs without the hinderance of...of... anything to stop you from buying. The employees do not care....The managers don't care...Well, maybe, we, as united brothers/sisters, of the greatest OS there's ever been, shouldn't care either! I plead for those that still shop there, to bring it to the attention of the managers and tell them we will boycott them. We, as apple consumers, shouldn't take it. Its little things like this that hurt apple sales. Its things like this that the general public are reluctant to ever commit to apple. Please reply...I welcome your thought no matter how negative. Thanks

Chewbaccapits in Torrance


Jul 9, 2000
circuit city and sears have not had the best treatment of macs and this is due to the fact that in the real world, we are a rare breed, what, five percent?

when i run into a mac user, it's like finding a long lost relative and we always hit it off together because we know we live in a sea of pcs in a country (usa) where half of everybody does not even use computers

there are more doctors and phds than there are mac users


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Dec 6, 2001
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Been there

On a trip to LA last year, I went to Fry's and noticed the same problem. What makes me mad isnt the opinions of knowledgeable PC users, its the ignorance of the common computer market. PC users know what they want, and are just as entitled to use their Windows boxes as we are to use our Macs. But what I hate is when people claim that Apple is a BAD company, with poor products, when they have NO idea, because they really havent given it a chance.

Ignorance is SOOOOO frustrating.


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
Re: chewbaccapits (Torrance)

I guess we are neibors :)

I hate Frys... i never go there.

CompUSA on Hawthorn next the the Galloria Mall is better. But most of the time I just buy on line ... or from Apple directly.

Ensign Paris

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Nov 4, 2001
All I want...

I want Apple (Offical) Stores in the UK, I basicly think there should be one in the capital cities or largest city of each country, ie:

UK - London
Australia - Sydney
France - Paris
Germany - Hamburg (Possibly 2 even!(

etc..... (Sorry if I missed your country!)



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Nov 25, 2001
Champaign, IL, USA
Official Apple Stores

I live in Melbourne, Australia (the 2nd largest city in the country) and we've got two official apple stores. I think that Sydney has two as well. In addition to these, there are about 10-15 stores selling only mac stuff (in a city of only 3 million people, that's not too bad).