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Brand new 2020 MacBook 13'' 16GB 10gen - green pixels on the screen


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Aug 3, 2020
Finally decided to replace my 2013 13" rMBP.
Got myself a 2020 MacBook, 10 gen, 13" 16GB with 4 Thunderbolt ports.

Took it out of the packaging, within 20 minutes of use (not from backup) started seeing these: Green pixels
  • The "weird" pixels appear in darker areas of the screen.
  • This effect persists for up to 20 minutes.
  • Pixels can be bright green/blue/purple.
  • Not bound to any app window.
  • I do not use dark mode or night shift, and tried turning off True Tone - does not help.
  • Happens intermittently, 3-4 times a day.
  • Can not reproduce on demand, i.e. sometimes happens under no load (just browsing web), sometimes when there is something graphically intensive happening (4k video).
  • Not visible on screenshots.

I've tried:
PRAM/VRAM, SMC resets, safe boot etc
Reinstalled the OS 2 times
Turned off True Tone

nothing helps.

Has anyone encountered this?

Additional info:
Wiped the drive. Took the MacBook to an AASP the first time, a week later, their response "diagnostics did not show anything". Then, just 2 hours after getting it back, the same issue showed up. Took it back again the same day. A week later I get the laptop back with the following message "we've re-attached the display cable. We don't recommend you use Dark More/True Tone/Night shift. This might be a software issue, you'd have to wait for Apple to issue a software update." I took the laptop to the retailer and asked for a refund/replacement. The retailer is denying a refund/replacement because in their testing it did not exhibit any issues and, by their words "it is most like an issue of some software you use".


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Aug 20, 2018
Definitely unacceptable and not normal for a brand new device. I'd return this one if I were you, since dealing with so called Apple "Geniuses" could be very frustrating and time consuming. Just return this one if you're still within the return period and get yourself a new one. That's what I would do in this situation.


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Nov 12, 2007
Absolutely not acceptable. Call up Apple Care and ask for a manager to review the case. Take photos and videos of this, send it to them.

Even as a software issue, it is not acceptable and still is a defect. Return it for a refund.


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Apr 12, 2015
Request for replacement, I think you can do it since it is less than 24 hours.
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