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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by badhorsie777, Apr 23, 2004.

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    Jan 31, 2003
    Hello all - just thought since I see so many posts concerning camcorders/digital video, I'd give my recent experience.

    I just bought a samsung scd107 camcorder - the features and size and PRICE just rule on this thing. Being inexperienced with mini-dv, I don't see a single problem with the image quality (I know, I know, the more expensive whoosey-whatsits are supposed to make the bigger more expensive ones look better.) There's a light, a 3.5" (really big!) lcd, it's seriously compact, and it has analog av input, for dvds, old home movies, etc. I love everything about it and it was like 419 at bestbuy or so.

    I originally got the 103 from samsung for 329, under the impression it had a/v input, but it would only OUTPUT. I really wanted to use my new cam to import some old home movies for imovie-fun. In other words, you get a SERIOUSLY huge feature set, and great price. I'm loving it every day. If you don't need a/v input - get the scd103. it's got a smaller lcd (2.5"), no remote control, and no a/v input, but everything else is seriously the SAME - body and all.

    Questions? Comments? I'll post later after I've given it some use and imported some of my stuff. I also got a neutral density filter for taking beach shots this summer, and a UV filter got thrown in for free.


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