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Jan 1, 2005
Brand new higher-capacity internal SSD (4 TB & 8 TB) from Micron will allow higher-capacity external portable SSD:

Micron 5300 Pro SATA SSD 2.5-inch up to 7.68 TB

Micron 7300 Pro NVMe SSD M.2 up to 3.84 TB & 2.5-inch up to 7.68 TB

Hopefully, they will be used by Apple to offer higher Mac SSD capacities, as well as other manufacturers to build higher-capacity external portable SSD to boot Mac and work from them all day long. Among them will be VectoTech for sure. Hopefully, Samsung follows releasing also high-capacity internal SSD and external ones, similar to the current Samsung Portable SSD T5 & Samsung Portable SSD X5 (now at 2 TB maximum capacity). Check out:

Samsung Portable SSD T7 Plus
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