Breaking RFK Shut down due to abandon U-Hal truck

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    Via CNN

    New York police have closed the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge on both sides after a Manhattan-bound U-Haul truck was abandoned about 1,000 feet from a toll booth.

    NYPD Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne said the bomb squad has been dispatched to the site of the bridge, formerly known as the Triborough Bridge.

    The truck, with Arizona license plates, was headed into Manhattan from the Bronx when the driver ran from the truck, witnesses said.

    When a toll booth operator approached the truck, he smelled a strong odor of gasoline, police said.
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    another notifcation i just got apears that the van checks out fine will probally see more on this situation in the morning Shocked that no news station has broken into this yet.:rolleyes:
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    It's over

    From the same link:

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    What's a U-Hal?

    Just where do you think you're going... Dave?

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