Brightness - iPhone 5, iOS6


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Feb 12, 2008
Hi all,

Having an issue with my brightness settings on my new iPhone 5. I've set the slider fairly low (under the 'r' of 'brightness') but then I'll go and look at my phone later and see it is really quite bright - more so than it should be even with 'Auto Brightness' turned on. So I'll go and check settings and the slider has moved. Sometimes I can even go in to check the settings and watch it move itself! If I remember right, auto brightness will adjust the screen but not move the slider? I certainly don't remember this behaviour on any of my previous iPhones.

Phone was setup as 'new' rather than a restore of my iPhone 4. Have tried switching on and off, rebooting, etc. Everything short of a restore.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is it the norm?


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Jul 14, 2008
Santa Monica, CA
Same issue on my iPhone 5. I set the brightness at level X without auto brightness on and then put the phone in sleep mode. When I wake it its totally dim and on the lowest level.

I'm a huge fan but wondering if this iOS was a rush to production. Things seemed half-baked, maps, this issue....Wonder if its the post Jobs Apple. Maybe, maybe not. But I'm selling my stock when it hit 700 again.