Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, etc...

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    I found this through reddit:

    Basically, the authorities are playing the race card for their inaction because most of them were Pakistani Muslims. That's a BS excuse.

    I thought this was a really good comment on reddit:

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    Revolting. I must live under a rock. I don’t recall reading anything like this.
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    Nov 3, 2005
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    You're right. It's a bull**** excuse for not doing anything. However we mustn't be afraid to have the discussion of it being a cultural issue. There doesn't seem to be the same caution in the media at calling abuse within the Catholic church "endemic" yet despite so many British Pakistanis saying that this is a problem within their community, any time anyone mentions race and/or culture they are shut down as racist. The Independent doesn't mention the words "Asian" or "Pakistani" in their article ( and The Guardian doesn't even have a report on it.

    I understand the last thing anyone wants is to fan the flames with racial tensions at their current levels but saying this isn't a cultural issue and shutting down debate is as dangerous as branding all Pakistanis paedophiles.
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    Dec 7, 2010
    We have a problem with covering up sexual abuse in all walks of life in the UK, not just the muslim community. The difference is that white pedophiles from the UK tend to be lone operators travelling abroad where they know they can pay off authorities if they're caught.

    Obviously with the scandal surrounding abuse in the 1970/80's from well known TV personalities, such as insitutional cover ups within government (Lord Janner being the most obvious)....... there's serious issues to be addressed. Although I'd suggest the same could be said of other countries also, the US marries off kids to adult abusers regularly and with impunity.
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    I'd agree with everything you've said. However I know it probably isn't what you intended but your post came across as "white, powerful men do it too, why are you just blaming Muslims". Nobody is saying a Pakistani child rapist is any worse than a Catholic priest child rapist - they all belong in a box marked "Literally the Worst Examples of Human Beings". The Guardian article linked to above, along with the Independent article both fail to even acknowledge the background of the abusers (I can't find it now but remember an article posted on the site when the Rotherham scandal broke about how unfair it was to link the abusers' ethnicity/culture to the crime) yet there are countless posts on "the sickness" within the Catholic church - and I am in no way a fan of any form of organised religion.

    I'll say it again that while it appears OK to label church/political/celebrity cover-ups as "institutionalised abuse", linking the abuse of young, white girls by men of Pakistani origin is considered unfair racial stereotyping. We can only go about fixing a problem if we admit a problem exists.
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    Its not what I'm trying to say at all, what I am saying is it shouldn't just be a beating stick.

    Thousands of white males travel to Asia year on year to bang kids, we do nothing about that either, despite having the laws to do so.
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    In all honesty I wonder how much starving governmental services of adequate funding played a role in the failure of the authorities to respond. It sounds like most of this was due to victim-blaming and racism though. Shameful. Those responsible should be made to pay.

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