Broadband Cable Internet vs Verizon Hotspot via iPhone


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Apr 2, 2012
I plan on moving soon and I am coming from my parents house with broadband cable internet that is very fast and reliable. I am not sure if I should sign up for my own broadband internet service at my new house or simply use my Verizon 4GLTE hotspot from my iPhone. I will be living alone, so I won't have any other people in the house when I'm not there. A part of me thinks its not financially smart to pay $70/month for broadband cable internet and $100/month for top tier Above Unlimited Data on my iPhone. Just curious if this is even possible with the 75GB limit until the speed slows. I've never used my hotspot feature so I don't know if it would even handle stuff like streaming youtube, itunes, etc. What do you think? Anyone actually do this to avoid paying for 2 internet services? Just curious. Thanks!


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Aug 31, 2011
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There are lots of people who do this, but you should do your research.

In almost every case using your phone hotspot as your home ISP violates the terms and conditions of your service. I can't quote you what Verizon does, but with T-Mobile if you do 50% or more of tethering data they can cut off your service. It's in the terms.

For myself, I pay around $211 for cable every month. That's high speed internet (300mbps down, 1TB cap), digital phone and cable TV (HDTV). I also pay around $240 a month (without device payments) for eight lines with T-Mobile.

But it's worth it for me because I have about 20 devices or more, plus a server, that run through my home router. I'm not running 200-400GB of data through my phone every month.

There are routers that allow you to connect your phone via USB cable to them and then access the hotspot. In that way you can use the router through your hotspot. I know ASUS has this as I have three ASUS routers that can do it.

There are also dedicated hotspots that the carrier sells with data plans that you can get. In these instances the carriers are expecting you to use them as an ISP. So the devices and the plans aren't necessarily cheap.

So, those are the options I know about.

But I would really check out your terms and conditions for hotspot if you decide to go that way.


Feb 9, 2010
If your T&Cs allow it, try it for a month or two first. It if works, stay with it. Save as much money as you can.


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Apr 25, 2012
Can you stay within 20 GB used while tethering? That appears to be the hotspot limit before you get throttled to 600 Kbps. Additional high-speed tethering can be added in 5 GB chunks for $35 per chunk. Source (#7) - Above Unlimited FAQs | Verizon Wireless

Additionally - doing things like casting content from a device to a TV or other device can be cumbersome, if not impossible, unless you're using a WiFi router with a regular broadband connection.
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