Brockenhurst College makes Mac move

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 5, 2006.

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    The IT people insisted that integrating Macs into their systems and found out that it wasn't. If these people are supposed to be so knowledgeable about technology why do so many IT have no real clue about Apple products?

    I argue with them all the time (only after they call the mac a toy) and then just simply tell that that since the mac OS is UNIX that I would feel better using a tested OS such as UNIX over one, such as windows, that always has so many problems. But it is a usual thing of Windows zealots unjustly picking on the mac and then have the nerve to say I don't know anything about technology or that I am an apple fanboy simply because I don't like windows. If anything they are the ones that drink kool-aid (the MS kind) not me drinking anything from Steve Jobs. If Apple releases a bad product I will say it is bad; can the MS people say that they would do the same of MS? I don't think so. Sorry, had to vent about this as I get tired of defending the mac and then get called a zealot even though I am not the one who started the argument.
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    Because WAY too many of them are dime-a-dozen, "microsoft certified" [aka - give us money and we'll certify you regardless of how much of a moron you are], fly-by-night or trade [ITT, DeVry, etc.] school graduates.

    Any REAL IT person [veteran or well rounded in experience and knowledge] will not call a Mac a toy, but will instead be able to talk about the advantages AND disadvantages of several OS's, including Mac OS, probably some Linux distros, others like Novell as well, and of course, winBlows . . .

    Sorry. I had to sneak that in. :p
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    My favorite is when they call a Mac a toy, then complain that you can't even play games on it. :confused: Yeah, whatever. :rolleyes:

    My Stepmom won't buy one because she read an article about how they suck, and wouldn't read the billion articles I brought up saying the exact opposite. Plus her Son (who's a Doctor) swears by Dell. And yet who does she call when she has a computer problem? Me. Today she said she didn't want to buy one because she was so used to Windows, which is funny since she still has to have me show her the simplest things, so just what exactly is she used to? All the spyware, the viruses, the slow downs, the brick of a Dell laptop she bought?

    I convinced my Mom to get a mini, and they're fine with it after I showed her how to do a couple of things and added more RAM. She's just mad because Apple didn't give her enough of a discount. As if anyone else does that as easily.

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