BSG Season 4 starts April 4th -- what episodes would you watch to "review"?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by rogersmj, Apr 3, 2008.

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    BSG fans!

    The highly anticipated (been waiting a year, damnit) season 4 premiere of Battlestar Galactica is almost upon us! I'd like to refresh my memory with a few of the more important episodes, but obviously there's a limited amount of time (only about 30 hours left, actually) so let's pare it down.

    If you had to pick the three most important episodes to review in preparation for season 4, what would they be?

    I'll probably watch
    - Home, Part II (2x07)
    - Exodus, Parts I and II (3x03, 3x04)
    - Crossroads, Part II (3x20)

    If I have time, I'd probably throw The Eye of Jupiter (3x11) and/or Rapture (3x12) in there too, because those are pretty important ones to the overarching story of the show. And although they don't have a ton to do with the core mythology, the Pegasus/Resurrection Ship Parts I and II triad (from season 2) was probably my favorite in terms of sheer suspense and drama. Talk about edge of your seat.

    Anyway, what would you pick as the three most important/revealing episodes? If you don't like the show or don't have anything nice to say, leave now.

    Episode list with one-line plot summaries available on Wikipedia.
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    I am trying (pretty much in vain since the 18th) to watch all of season 3 before tomorrow nights season opener. I just finished episode 7 last night (where Rosalyn is sworn in as president again). Somehow, I don't think I am going to get much done tonight... (13 episodes left!)

    I really can't pick which three must be watched, as I have found by rewatching everything, that I missed some pretty important stuff the first time around (or just didn't remember it). I do not want to miss any references tomorrow night! :D

    Maelstrom would be good to add to your list, as it explains what happened initially to Starbuck, and why we should be freaked out that she suddenly reappears. It also gives a good background on Starbuck...
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    ^ Well I think I'll definitely hit at least the last two before the new one starts tomorrow. I just finished watching Exodus, Part II ...that has two of the most amazing scenes ever to be on TV, in my opinion. The ship battle, particularly the part where the Galactica drops through the atmosphere and then jumps out at the last second, and then the scene between Tigh and Ellen. Incredibly amazingly written. Two completely different types of scenes, both top notch, both in one episode.

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