Bubble Jamaica; Bear USA; Cosmos force - 3 Iphone Games Made In 3 Days

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    Sep 2, 2010
    Hello iPhone Dev SDK community!

    we would like to present you with our latest project - ODP!


    ODP - One Day Project is a free iPhone app containing 3 games: Bear USA; Bubble Jamaica; Cosmos Force - which were created by 3 people in 24 hours respectively. It is already available on iTunes and the team is really excited!

    We had experience with iPhone games earlier and decided to show how much is possible in 24 hour development time. However, that is not the only innovation! The way players affect the development of further apps in ODP is a totally new concept. Every time a player plays one of the three games, we increase its play-counter and the most popular one will be upgraded to OWP - One Week Project!

    We created the games using simple tools like XCode and Photoshop in such a short time and did not use any engines. Please check

    ★ a promo video: YouTube - One Day Project

    ★ ODP website: ODP - One Day Project

    ★ and download it for FREE on iTunes One Day Project for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Please tell us what you think? and what is your favorite game of those three included?

  2. lukasluk thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 2, 2010
  3. lukasluk thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 2, 2010
    we've got featured as New&Noteworthy Adventure&Action game!

    ★★★★★ ODP is already Featured as New&Noteworthy Adventure&Action game in USA, Australia & Canada!! ★★★★★
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    Sep 2, 2010
    current standings: Bubble Jamaica is winning!

    • 1. Bubble Jamaica - 900
      2. Bear USA - 888
      3. Cosmos Force - 499

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