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    Your child will love to do math tasks - because this is a game - complete with levels, goals, nice graphics and music. Your child can practice all the elementary math operations, and you, as a parent, can set what task to practice.


    We focused in our new app to both children and parents. For children we prepared nice game with levels, music, sounds. Next levels are unlocked after the earlier levels are completed, so that you will surprisingly see your kid to continue with doing next math tasks to unlock next level or to get “gold cup” in specific level.


    But we also think on parents – in Bubbling Math is possible to configure tasks directly for your kids – you can choose difficulty and which tasks to practice. And not only this – also all wrong answers are stored and you can review them in Parents section, after your child finish his game.


    What we do love is your feedback. Honestly, we do not know the tastes of all the parents and children worldwide, so if you have any ideas or requests for additional features, we will be only too pleased to incorporate them in the next versions. Please write to us at support@tappytaps.com. We are happy, when our customers are happy.

    Check our website:

    Download it from Mac App Store (Back to school promotion $1.99 only).
    Download Bubbling Math for Mac

    We have also iPad version (Back to school promotion $1.99 only).
    Download Bubbling Math for iPad
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    Some promo codes for a few lucky people. Hope, your kids will love math. Let us know!

    Promo codes (please write a promo code you used):

    Please give us feedback how you like Bubbling Math. If you want to write about our game to your blog, let us know, we will send you promo codes.

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