Budget Backup Battery Reviews: APC UPB10 and iPhone Power Station

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by DigMe, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Sep 9, 2008
    Just thought I'd chime in with a couple of budget options that have ended up working well for my 3G.

    The first that I purchased was the iPhone 3G power station just like this one off Ebay for $22 shipped. It's a form fitting type deal that can also unfold and act as a kind of a stand to hold the iPhone vertically. It is 2200mah and will fully charge the iPhone a little more than 1.5 times on a charge. It has worked great although the power button could be a little easier to press and it is pretty cheaply made. It's not too big that it won't fit in my pocket when it's on the phone. It does not have a hole for the camera lens but you can fold the back down on its hinge to take a picture without disconnecting the phone from it. You can also plug your phone into the charger and then plug the charger into a USB and charge both simultaneously. The power pack light turns green when it is fully charged and red otherwise.
    The package comes in a cheap box with typically brief, poor instructions.
    Despite the cheap quality and poor instructions I've been very pleased with the performance and usability.

    The other purchase that I made was the APC UPB10 for $10 from Fry's right after Christmas. This was a steal! It's not a form-fitting device but a separate unit that you tether to with the iPhone USB cable. It's slightly smaller than the iPhone itself and will also provide, I believe, 1.5 or slightly more full charges but it could possibly be significantly better than that as I haven't experimented enough with it to really nail down how much it will charge on the second charge. It's solidly built and looks and feels nice. What else would you expect from APC? The battery has a 4 led power meter that shows you roughly how much charge is left. You push the button and the number of bars that are lit up indicates percentage of charge remaining. I checked the meter after one charging session in which I charged up the iPhone from less than 20% and it still showed 3 bars! Not sure how accurage those bars are. The only drawback I can think of is that it's not an attachable form-fitting device but the phone tethers to it separately (which is not ALWAYS a drawback). A nice thing about it is that you can charge any USB device off of it..not just the iPhone. I do not know the mah rating on this one and couldn't find it ANYWHERE online or on APC's website...kind of odd. If you get this device and plug it in and find the the iPhone is not showing that it's charging then you just need to press the button on the battery to wake it up. I've been happy with this device in the brief time that I've had it and I simply cannot imagine a better deal on name-brand, warrantied iPhone backup battery power than this. I cannot believe that people are paying $100 or more for the Juice Pack and other batteries in light of budget options such as the 2 mentioned here. Even $50 or however much for the Richardsolo seems really overpriced to me.

    Watch Fry's sale ads for more sales on the UPB10. I've seen it on sale several times before this for $15 and I think the normal price is $20. That is also a great deal IMO.
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    Aug 25, 2008
    Link above is not working. And also if you could add a link for the APS UPB10 that would be great for others since I'm already using an Imax.
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    Sorry about the busted link. Now that I'm home I fixed it, linked to amazon's UPB10 (since it's not availble on Fry's website, only in-store) and made a couple of corrections.
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    Sep 9, 2008
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    That iPwr 1800mAh looks smaller than the Richard Solo 1200mAh battery pack. It may be what I am looking for!
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    EDIT: SHEESH...another spammer infecting my thread.

    The first one I reviewed is 2200mah and fits like a case. Also it's 30 bucks cheaper than the iPWR and the iPWR is much bulkier and makes for a more awkward size. Overall it sounds like the iPWR is not a good value in any way when compared to the iPhone 3G Power Station.


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