iPad Bug Reporter missing after Restore / iOS 8b1


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Jul 29, 2012

I installed iOS 8 (*legit dev-ish here) on my iPad Air since day 1.
I did however did an update, not a clean install and the OS was a little sluggish because I had a lot of junk files on the device from previous iPads and jaibreaks so about 30 minutes ago I did a restore and set up the device as new.

Everything works perfect now but the Bug Reporter app is missing !
It's not showing in the NC and the icon is not present on the home screen. There is no sign of the app. I checked every corner of the system ; restrictions, NC settings, etc.

I used the same ISPW like the last time - downloaded from the dev portal (it's still on my desktop from 10 days ago or so when iOS 8 was introduced).

I want Bug Reporter back because I want to help Apple iron out the bugs.
What can I do ? Should I restore again ?

*I'm not a dev but I pad the membership to get access to betas and test them ; hey, I like testing stuff and I have a lot of free time, so don't judge :p
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