build quality/quality control down the hill, rapidly.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ihonda, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Sep 17, 2009
    first off let me say i absolutely LOVE apple. and will never buy a different brand of phone/laptop... with that said i am having a hard time accepting what appears to be reality of what it seems to be...

    the quality control that was once apple is not anymore imo.. allow me to explain.

    ipod 30gb classic - launch day drive dried
    ipod 30gb classic replacement - depressed volume button
    ipod 30gb classic replacement no issues.
    iphone 2g - launch day no issues
    iphone 3g - launch day no issues
    iphone 3gs - launch day no issues (water damage)..
    iphone 3gs - replacement, sleep/wake button was depressed.
    iphone 3gs - replacement no issues.
    macbook pro 2010 model - screen hinge took a crap (replaced, working fine)
    iphone 4 - launch day, no problems..
    iphone 4 - replacement, dropped my original.. replacement no problems..
    ipad 2 - may purchase backlight issue
    ipad 2 - replacement no backlight issue
    macbook air 13" 2011 model - creaks around trackpad, had to tighten screws numerous times (finally ok..)
    iphone 4s - launch day: yellow hue
    iphone 4s - replacement, totally off center home button (but great screen)
    iphone 4s - brand new replacement yellow hue.
    iphone 4s - replacement, sometimes home button is loose (but great screen)

    ...i understand i may be OCD but when paying the massive $$ i have to pay for products i expect quality. its sad to say something is going on with apple and i really hope its fixed soon.

    i know millions of people buy products and some may not be as OCD as me, or may not even realize they have an issue, or some may not have an issue at all.. but i really wish they would get their **** together and produce the amazing products they NORMALLY used to..

    -apple fan for life.
  2. KPOM macrumors G5

    Oct 23, 2010
    This is all anecdotal. My 2010 MacBook Air had to be returned 2 days later because it wouldn't wake from sleep properly. My replacement had to be fixed because it started kernel panicking all the time from a bad logic board. My 2011 MacBook Air has been trouble free. The only issues I have had with my iPhone 4S are AT&T issues (e.g. inability to connect to data because there are too many people on the network). So from my experience, I could write a post about how Apple's QC and build quality have greatly improved in the past year.

    In reality, Apple products have about the same failure rate as competitors, which is no surprise, since most consumer electronics companies use the same suppliers (e.g. FoxConn). The difference is that Apple customer service is usually better than its competitors.

    iPhone 4S arguably has less serious problems than iPhone 4. "Batterygate" will be fixed with software (for some the fix has already come), while the iPhone 4 antenna was a hardware issue.

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