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Aug 14, 2002
Have any of you ever built your own mac...... I personaly have built my 2 pc's wonder were to get mac parts to build one if its possible........


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May 23, 2002
I've never attempted what you are asking here, but have done quite a few mods that Apple wouldn't approve of to my Macs over time. Hardware hacking on the Mac is quite a bit harder than on a PC, but isn't that challenge what hacking is all about?

Ram and IDE hard drives on the newer Macs are pretty much the same on the PC so just about any source would do. Well there is always exceptions I guess. Some RAM that is out of Apple spec won't work with Apple Motherboards with BIOSs that lock out that RAM so you may want to go with Apple vendors. Also some older Mac Boards have SCSI controlers rather than

For a video card you can buy Mac specific cards or there are some Nvidia and ATI cards that can be flashed to work with the Mac. Look at either or for more information.

You can't buy a new Mac motherboard on the open market so you might try a used motherboard from:
a local used computer store, flea markets, classified ads in your newspaper, etc, etc used to have a section on Macs(motherboards) you would want to avoid, but I don't seem to find that section right now.

Combine that with one of the powerlogix or sonnet upgrade CPU cards and you MIGHT be able to build something that comes somewhere near to the performance of new Mac.


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Mar 5, 2002
Cupertino CA
Check out Slashdot

If you go 2 (Real Geek News) and click on the apple link on the left, they discuss a person who was able to build a G4, and they talk about where to get all parts needed, and assembly instructions. Very informative.
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