Burglaries, Arson, Attempted Murder Related To Siegelman Case

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by SMM, May 3, 2008.

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    First of all, I want to acknowledge that the information is still circumstantial, and no formal charges have been filed. However, when one considers that the Bush Justice Department has lost any professional integrity to pursue 'justice', and is potentially a participant in these crimes, we will need an appointed special prosecutor to bring forth the truth.

    I have followed the Siegelman case for many months. During that time, I did read a couple of these stories, but there was very little information and I did not give it very much consideration. Today, I found an Op-Ed that connected the dots for me. While still not conclusive, I think the information warrants a full investigation.

    Some might want to argue that this is a 'conspiracy theory' and I should be fitted for a tinfoil hat. Well, I will shut that down quickly. During the latter Nixon years, I was a poli sci major and Watergate was like a laboratory for political science. I also took a scholar's devotion to it. One of my early subjects was a policy paper known as the Huston Plan. In it contained strategy and tactics to completely violate many criminal laws, but also violate many constitutional laws as well. Early on, it was very difficult to learn much about 'the plan'.

    It was actually after the watergate tapes came out, Nixon says, "Well, the important thing is not to expose the plan, does everyone agree with that?". That statement is what got the investigative reporters (we had them back then) digging into this (some may have had their sources). The simple matter is, this is not something new, but has been practiced by the republican authoritarians for decades.
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    Didn't one of the whistleblowers almost get run off the road too? Not even a conspiracy. That's why he was set free too, because of all the questions of political impropriety. Given all we know of the current administration, it's not even a question any more. One more thing not covered by the MSM though.

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