Burning DVD .vob files OVER 5GB UNCOMPRESSED to 2 x 4.7GB DVDs for DVD playback.

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Sheza the Mac, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Jan 27, 2010
    I am currently attempting to back up my large collection of rare TV series DVD's. I've had some specifically imported etc. spent a lot of money so I really want hard uncompressed copies for standard DVD playback. Here's the problem:

    These series are all large in size. Each individual DVD once ripped (using mac the ripper to .VOB files) onto my hard drive equates to roughly 7GB. I hate to be picky, but I've already tried compressing down to a 4.7GB disc and the quality is just annoyingly bad.
    So quite a while ago I purchased DVD Cloner for Mac. I went into the software (I would select the .IFO file from the VIDEO_TS folder in the source destination drive, which would access all the other associated files) and tried using the 1:1 full DVD copy option (so I purchased DVD DL's - very expensive!) but it didn't work.
    So I then attempted using DVD Cloner's specific other option: - Burn the large files uncompressed onto 2 x 4.7GB DVD discs. This option is brilliant for me but here's what happens:
    The 1st disc is perfect: It has all menus etc. + 1 hour episode + another HALF an episode completely uncompressed.... naturally the software burns the other episode and a half onto the 2nd disc - when I play this 2nd disc it automatically starts where the end of disc 1 stopped (this is fine) and it continues fine up until the end of that episode....then once it reaches that episode's credits it completely freezes. So I can't watch the entire last episode. It won't even play. And another thing - you can't access the menu at all on the 2nd disc even though I specified with DVD cloner for it to copy the menu over onto the 2nd disc. I've attempted this process with several of my different TV series and the exact same thing happens to all of them.

    I don't know if it has something to do with encryption but I thought once it's ripped with mac the ripper the encryption is broken? I understand this could be a legal thing but they are my legally purchased DVD's after all, backing up for my personal use and using a DVD software at $80 I thought this shouldn't be a problem?

    I've been reading up on Roxio's Popcorn software and it looks as though it's got a specific section for copying using the disc image from the VIDEO_TS folder - just like what I've been doing with DVD Cloner - but it only mentions being able to compress it down to 4.7GB which is not what I'm attempting. Does anyone know if you can use Popcorn to copy uncompressed onto 2 x DVD's 4.7GB? If so does it work? Unlike DVD cloner? I'd be willing to pay the dollars even for Toast if it works but if it doesn't work getting a refund will no doubt be a mission and half.

    If anyone has any advice I'd be very thankful - I understand this is pretty in depth - I've searched lots of forums but no ones had this exact question as I think most people are fairly content with compression and are normally just burning a movie (not large TV series).


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    Video DVDs are compressed too, they use the MPEG-2 codec, which is from the 90s and not as space efficient as modern codecs like H264 or Divx/Xvid (variants of the MPEG-4 codec). So either you transcode the ripped video DVDs to another format (.avi, .mkv, .mp4) via Handbrake or get Dual Layer (DL) DVDs.

    Or are DL-DVDs to expensive for you?

    Btw, transcoding video DVDs via Handbrake won't result in any visual quality loss if you use the right settings, thus you still have your original DVDs and have a backup (VIDEO_TS folder and the transcoded file(s)).
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    Jan 27, 2010
    Many thanks for the response.

    I understand video DVD's are already compressed - I just meant that I didn't want them to be compressed even more once ripped onto my hard drive.

    Unfortunately as mentioned, using the DVD DL's don't work! The software just spits the DVD out (I bought Verbatim so it can't be the brand that's the issue) and asks for smaller discs even when I've select the 1:1 ratio.

    So I will give the transcoding a go: Can you tell me more info on how to go about it? I've got Handbrake - but I've only used it once. What are the 'right' settings for no visual quality loss? Trial and error will take a while so it would be really helpful if you could give me an idea. How would I then burn the files for use on a standard DVD? Could I do the same thing as I was doing with DVD Cloner? Will I get to keep my menus? I've also got Burn for Mac if that helps.

    Thanks again

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