Bush: Beat Terrorists Overseas

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    There is a new theme in President Bush's campaign speeches. Here is an example from a rally in Daytona Beach on October 16, 2004: "We will strike the terrorists abroad so we do not have to face them here at home." This sort of statement raises so many fundamental questions.

    Mr. President, what do you mean by "strike?" If we were to kill every single "terrorist" living today, do you think there would be no terrorists tomorrow? Is warfare the best way to protect ourselves from terrorist attacks? Does "striking" against "terrorists" decrease or increase their numbers?

    What do you mean by "the terrorists?" Are they a specific group of people? Do you understand that it is often our actions against a people that turns those people aginst us? Furthermore, do you understand that terrorists represent just a tiny, lunatic fringe of a much more widely-held viewpoint? This is base human nature: kill many people, and some of their countrymen want to kill you. After the United States was attacked on 9/11, most Americans supported a military counter-attack. Some of America's own lunatic fringe took terrorist action against Muslim-Americans. Who exactly are the terrorists?

    What do you mean by "abroad?" Do you view all other nations as inferior to our own, and deserving of being ravaged by our war-fighting? How do you explain this to our allies? How do you explain it to the civilians of Iraq? Do you understand that many thousands more innocent Iraqis have been killed by American fire than Americans were killed on 9/11?

    What do you mean by "face?" Don't you realize that the reason these people hate us so much is that we have done something which has fundamentally offended them? Such as stationing troops near their holiest sacred sites, or draining the oil out of their country without sharing any of the prosperity with them, or killing thousands of their innocent civilians? If you truly wanted to face these people, you would look at our policies around the world, and face the victims of those policies.

    What do you mean by "home?" Do you envision a world where American citizens hide inside our borders, gibbering in fear, while our troops wage war on the rest of the world? Is this your way to win the war on terror, by keeping all of us constantly terrified?

    The president is not the only one to make these outrageous statements. Many Americans seem to believe that waging war on the world is going to protect us from terrorism. In reality, the more we spread violence around the world, the more we can expect the innocent victims of that violence to turn against us. We should never, ever acquiesce to terrorists, but we also should not be so arrogant as to think that we can simply make them go away by killing them all. If we want to solve the problem of terrorism, we must look at its cause, and not simply attack the effects.

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    P.S. Feel free to pass this on... I hear way too many Americans expressing this view, and it's just the worst thing we could possibly think/say/do.
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