Bush vs Quail

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by SMM, Mar 9, 2007.

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    We often hear, or even engage in hypothetical debates about legendary individuals competing against each other; could Tiger beat Nicholas in his prime type of stuff.

    Right now, Bush is going down as the greatest jerk president since Harding. But, what if Quail had been elected. Could Dan have given Gee-Dub a run for his money?

    Using boxing's 10 point must system -

    I think in pure dishonesty, Gee-Dub wins hands down. But, he is from Texas and that is such a huge advantage. Winner Gee-Dub 10-7

    In draft dodging, both have stellar careers. It is pretty equal, really. Both went into the National Guard. But, Gee-Dub just did not show up. So, he pulls ahead at that point. But, Dan's regiment shot the hippie protesters at Kent State. Winner, Dan 10-9.

    For stupid statements...boy this is a tough one. Laura Bush confessed the first thing she learned after getting married was to never drink something while George was talking. However, every time Dan said, "Now, off the record...", it caused all major networks to go to a commercial. I have to call this one even.

    For personal 'looks', Gee-Dub gets the nod here too. Dan just looks like a dork. Gee-Dub looks like a baboon. Winner, Gee-Dub 10-7.

    So, my unofficial poll has Gee-Dub winning 29-24, with one round even. Dan just could not overcome Gee-Dub's in-bred dishonesty and ugliness.

    But, how may really can???
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    Quayle, like Bush, was just the product of his environment. If you ever watch those rich people on MTV or the E! channel, you know most of them are spoiled and no matter what they're GPA, don't know much about anything. That's what a sheltered life brings you. But Bush is far more dangerous. I don't know if Quayle surrounded himself with yes men, or desired power, but Bush certainly does.

    Calling them dumb isn't as accurate as maybe "ignorant". Stubborn, even when proven wrong is another. Pig-headed, incompetent, disinterested and lacking any empathy for the suffering of others, selfish... the list goes on. But Bush definitely gets the edge in dangerous.
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    * Shudder! * A battle for the bottom, eh?

    I guess Solvs is right, Bush is by far the more dangerous. But without Quayle ever having held that kind of power, we'll never know for sure.

    FWIW, I don't think Quayle would've had the kind of "support structure" (read: Daddy's dangerous neocon friends) that Bush has.
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    Am I the only one who saw this thread title and thought that Bush also had an unfortunate incident while quail hunting?

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