Business Books: When success is a company's biggest threat

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    Link: Business Books: When success is a company's biggest threat
    Description:: Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS:AAPL - News), for example, went from the success of its Macintosh computer in the late 1980s to sales declines, executive turnover and losses in the 1990s, and back to success with the iPod music player and other products.

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    There is just one sentence about Apple in that article, faithfully reproduced at the top of this thread. Not much else to read about really except about General Motors and Kodak... in short, some big companies get stagnant or fall due to hubris. Move along.
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    Well that is random. However, off topic from the general theme of the site, I think it is important to read about a business. GM, Kodak, even Microsoft have had used business models that have done well. If you go to school to major in business no doubt in 4 years you will have written papers on MS, Dell, GM, Calloway, and probably something like Apple and Kodak. They're businesses that all businesses seem to want to model themselves after due to their rise to the top, however there are things to be learned from their success, things that college tries to teach. No doubt though, I can't really say that I am at all a better businesswoman because I wrote 4 papers on Dell during my educational career. Even in grad school I'm forced to write on them. It's nearly annoying. Sometimes bigger isn't better.

    Random thoughts to respond to a random macbytes.

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