Buy 12" PB now or wait till MWSF

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    Dec 14, 2003
    I am looking to buy my first Mac. I wanted to get it before Christmas, but after hearing some rumors about there might be revisions to the powerbook line at MWSF I am skeptical about ordering before Christmas. What do you think the chances are of revisions in the 12" PB line? Also, is there any type of sales exchange thing that I could return my order within a certain amount of time? I am going to custom order my PB online with an educational discount.
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    IMO, get it now.

    In my opinion... get it now. I personally doubt that they will update at MWSF, having just updated in September. See as it says "neutral - mid product cycle"

    I don't think BTOs are returnable unless they're DOA.

    Some people have been suggesting to order it just a couple of days before the keynote speech, and they've done it and gotten upgrades in the past if new ones are announced.

    My opinion is that if there are changes to the powerbook line, they'll just be minor speedbumps. I don't see a G5 in them just yet, and that is the only thing that I would have waited for. I purchased a 12" powerbook in early November and am loving it :)
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    Dec 6, 2003
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