buy tibook now? or new one soon?


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Jul 3, 2001

damn - no changes to the ti-book with the upgarde of the desktops. "new"-sign in the shop is gone for the tibook.

but i need a mobile machine now - not in a half year. what should i do? take a ibook for the while and sell it when a modified tibook or g5-pb (!?) will come out?

what would you recommend - what do you think?



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Jan 24, 2002
central Cali.
You should...

buy my ibook 500!
10 gig hd
384 mb ram
5 mos. old

I'll make you a great deal. : )

I'm makin' room for a new imac.

seriously though... It does sound like picking up an ibook would be a good idea. I don't think a g5 PB is in the works for a long time.


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Jan 7, 2002
I bought the TiBook 550 recently, and I abosolutely love it. I too have been waiting for Apple's latest and greatest updates, but I believe time is money, and for me I could not wait until March or whenever the next update to the powerbook arrives. If you need a system to get your work done now, go for it, and use it well! :) The current powerbooks are nothing to laugh at, they crank through photoshop better than my G4 400 tower (granted, it's a 400 not a 550) which is to say that the 400 tower speed has been great, and the 550 is even better.

If you buy an Apple product now, or later, it's all good. It depends on what you do on it, that was the time-critical decision for me (got some projects to crank out).

Good luck with your decision!


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Jan 15, 2002
Paris France
have a ti550 too and it's really a pleasure.
so slim, so nice, so powerfull, and a good price too...
if you REALLY need NOW a laptop... 667 or 550 are good choices.
I dont expect of any big improvements of ti before six or more months
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