Buyers remorse, worried i should'nt have upgraded to 3G, Do i hang in there with it

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Antj29, Jul 23, 2008.

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    Ok, after deciding i would'nt upgrade to 3g after all the fiasco, passing the O2 shop the other lunchtime and they had them in. so being a mug i wandered in and signed up. the 3g looked nice, felt lighter but still seemed ok. Got it home fired her up with my old 2g sim and started using. Annoyed with build quality first off as the screen has a huge lip on the right hand side of the phone. But then it kept crashing, with stupid slow texting or just locking up on apps. Then next morning noticed it was low on juice, odd i only charged it the evening before, so plugged into my dock on the works computer, next thing error warning, it odes'nt like old charger. So i end up by the end of the day with a flat battery and no ipod on the way home on the train. I get in and think "no problm i'll put it on the bose sounddock and charger it while i listen to some music". nope i was wrong again.

    So now i have an inferior build quality phone, that locks up and slows even after 4 restores, a phone that is faster but only when i have 3g signal which is not that often. no sound dcok charging and crap batery life. Meanwhile my old 2g which i last charged on saturday is still sitting on the side with half full battery and winking at me.

    So do i A) Try and take it back to O2 and undo my upgrade
    B) Hang on in there and hope the new firmware rectifys some issues with battery and lockups
    c) Sell it on ebay for a nice profit and continue using my old 2g iphone on the contract.

    What say you lot
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    eBay it if you're not happy with it. I doubt o2 will take it back especially as you were unsure about buying it in the first place. They seem to go for £400+ on ebay (brief look a few days ago).

    Personally, I'm very happy with upgrading. Feels much better to hold and absolutely love the improvement in web browsing speed plus went from 8gb to 16gb
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    Without wanting to shout at my Mac's screen like I'm watching some Michael Barrymore game show....


    Dude, if you're not happy with it and have the option to return it (or maybe replace it) then go back to the shop and discuss with them ASAP.

    This phone has to last you 18 months on your new contract, and as much as you, I and we love the 1st Gen, is it really likely to see you through a whole contract??

    As a member of Orange Customer Services, I highly recommend taking the option to return it. I'd advise anyone who's just bought a new phone and isn't 100% with it.

    I'd imagine there is a fear at the moment that they may not be able to replace immediately due to stock issues, but I reckon there is more stock out there than we realise.

    I also read somewhere that you could take it to an Apple Store for repair (if there is one near you) and they will also replace.

    Hope this helps.
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