Buying 27" iMac... suggestions from Photographers for a 2nd Monitor

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by soloalpinist, Oct 22, 2011.

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    I'm a Photographer...I'm going to be buying a 27" iMac in about 6 months... I plan on using a 2nd monitor with it. My primary use - is Photoshop and Lightroom. I'm looking for suggestions for a 2nd monitor - I only have $500 or less to spend. Any suggestions from iMac users as to monitors I might look at and compare? Note: I'm currently using a PC :( and my external monitor is dying... so I'll need a monitor sooner than I can get the iMac.
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    My question for you is what you will be using the second monitor for. The iMac will give you a top of the line screen (LG as has been noted) that is on equal footing with the Dell UltraSharps. If your second screen will be for application pallets and the iMac for the main image proofing then that second one doesn't need to be super great.

    Note: Not all Dell monitors are great. Make sure you are only looking at the UltraSharp line. They are IPS screens. They have wide viewing angles and great colors.

    Here is a link that explains monitor technology: Mansurovs Photography

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    Nice link. Thanks
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    Dual displays on an iMac IMHO are tricky since it's nice to get a matching display set, and if you try to accomplish that with the iMac you're seriously limiting yourself. I guess the good news is you haven't bought the iMac yet, so you can think about other purchasing options.

    IMHO the iMac monitors are good but far from the best available for photography. First up is the glossy screen. I'm not going to get into it here (been done to death) but make sure glossy works for you, and your environment.

    The next big killer is the "limited" gamut of the iMac screen. Wide gamut screens have real benefits for editing photos, and it would be money well spent to get a model with wide gamut.

    After that it's mostly smaller things, but which further differentiate: 10+ bit capability (if OSX ever supports it), internal LUTs, etc.

    Maybe instead think about getting the cheaper 21" iMac, and then getting a nicer 27" separate LCD to use as your main? That way you can concentrate the quality in the main monitor and not the secondary.
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    Agree with above poster. I saved up for the 27 iMac, hated the glare, returned it for a 21in iMac and a 2nd monitor (I chose the wide gamut 24 inch Asus ProArt PA246 q -happy with it!) I use the Asus as my main photo editing monitor w/photoshop tools on the iMac - this setup works great for me. Good luck in your research and decision-making!

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