Buying advice: 8 64GB vs 8 256GB vs 7 128GB

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hellopascal, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. hellopascal macrumors newbie


    Nov 16, 2016
    hi guys,

    My wife and I are on old android devices and wanted to get iPhones now but we’re not sure which ones we should get. I’m currently having an 32 GB iPad as well.

    We’re both not taking huge amount of photos and when we do than we use a DSLR. These photos are then transferred to the iPad on which I have the iCloud Photo Library turned on to keep storage usage on the iPad low. Furthermore, we take the occasional video, usually don’t use that many apps, and I’m a little into gaming. We’re also clients of a Apple Music but coverage and 10 GB of LTE is usually plenty to have only a couple of albums on the device while streaming everything else is fine.

    So, if we would get the 8 why should we get the 256 GB version over the 64 GB one?

    We also don’t have some wireless charging device and since the design differences are quite low why should we get the 8 over the 7?

    Thank you!!
  2. KrisLord macrumors 65832

    Sep 12, 2008
    Northumberland, UK
    How long do you intend keeping it?

    The 8 offers a better camera and performance than the 7 as well as wireless charging.

    For me price difference between the 7 and 8 (in percentage terms) is too small to warrant going for the the 7.
  3. MacAttackKev macrumors member

    Aug 18, 2014
    Considering you don't take too many pictures/videos or an app junkie I'd definitely get a 64GB model.

    With that in mind....
    The difference between a 7+ 126 GB and an 8+ 64GB for me was ~$30 So I'm guessing its the same for the regular versions. Unless money is suuuuuper tight,
    I'd spend the extra just to get the 8, better specs and faster performance with the new chip, and waterproofing.
  4. hellopascal thread starter macrumors newbie


    Nov 16, 2016
    We usuallly use our devices until the break, become unbearably slow or otherwise annoying to use.
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    The 7 has waterproofing afaik
  5. geta, Sep 24, 2017
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    geta macrumors 6502a

    May 18, 2010
    The Moon
    In that case i would go for iP8 64GB, and if money is not an issue, 256GB iP8.

    PS, what phone you used till now ?
  6. Arni99 macrumors 6502a

    Feb 26, 2011
    Vienna, Austria
    I chose 64GB and have 18 GB photos/videos in iCloud using the space saving feature which stores low res on the iPhone and full resolution in the cloud. 18GB in the cloud are 600MB on the phone. :)
    Add 12GB of music and you get 40GB free space on the iPhone since 5,8GB are used by IOS 11.
  7. manni macrumors regular

    Mar 17, 2010
    I think quite a few people will find themselves in the same boat as the OP. This is why Steve hated messy products lines. In the 90s he got Apple to cut down a very confusing line up to just basically 4 computer - pro laptop and desktop, home desktop and laptop.

    Currently Apple is selling iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8 and X. The 6S, 7 and 8 all have a plus version. That's 8 iPhones in total, some with very small price differences between them. Sometimes we get odd situations where one can spend more for a larger iPhone 7 than a normal size or smaller capacity iPhone 8.

    Most of us on here are tech obsessives who can grasp the specifics but many average consumers will have no idea.

    I'm not bashing Cook. Most companies do this and it's because of all sorts of business dynamics. He will have marketing men telling him they need a phone in every single price bracket, engineers who want to see the phone they worked on do well, supply chain guys who want to squeeze more profit from the production lines of older models.

    But it isn't great for the consumer I think. Years ago I could recommend anything apple makes to all friends and family. I could tell them that all their computers and iPhones were always the best quality and just go buy the size and colour you like etc. Today that's impossible. Sometimes it will mean getting shockingly bad deals like with Mac Minis and Mac Pros but with the case of phones it will just leave people confused.

    I think they really need a re-evaluation of the line up. There should be a simpler, consumer friendly iPhone (something like the SE) in large and normal and there should be an advanced, more expensive model (like the X) pushing cutting edge tech in large and normal. That's four phones, nice and simple. No more questions about whether the 3GB RAM in an iPhone 7+ means it isn't worth paying the extra $30 for an iPhone 8 with has smaller capacity etc etc.
  8. bufffilm Suspended


    May 3, 2011
    Simplifying the lineup would reduce the customer choices and yes...maybe a little less confusion for some, but it's all it would do.

    I like having choices and multiple price points.
  9. manni macrumors regular

    Mar 17, 2010
    Me too - but I'm writing on a tech message board as you are which suggests neither of us is a normal consumer. I am sure most here would be happy to have a 9 and a special 8SE version, plus a 7 plus extra extra large and the option to pay more for a 6s with 3GB ram so we could find exactly what we want.

    My point was the reason Steve Jobs disagreed so strongly with the notion you put forward, and fought tooth and nail on his return to Apple to radically cut back the product range, was because for the average consumer such choices become overwhelming and people start to question themselves. It's probably not a black and white issue, Jobs wasn't right about everything, but seeing them sell 8 different iPhones now I begin to think he might have had a point.
  10. bufffilm Suspended


    May 3, 2011
    He had his viewpoints...I didn't agree with some of them.

    This was one of them. Let's leave it at that.
  11. TallManNY macrumors 601


    Nov 5, 2007
    Buy the 8 and the 256gb. You want the 8 because it is better than the 7 and you want the 256gb over the 64gb so you never have to worry about storage even if you keep the phone for three years. Your usage pattern may change over those years and if you start using that camera more often you will use up storage very quickly. Remember that while its lense and sensor are much worse than your DSLR, the processor (which does a lot of work in a digital camera) is radically more powerful than your DSLR. And the software features will upgrade over the next year or two.

    Let's say you use the phone for three years, the cost difference is pennies per day. Plus, if you have not damaged the phone during those three years, you will get a few extra dollars back selling the 8 256gb that will further close the price gap for what you paid upfront.
  12. Lockon macrumors regular

    Jun 7, 2010
    Since you use a DSLR and record video,you’ll want more than 64GB. I say get the 7 Plus in 128. Wireless charging and true tone are the major differences (faster processor probably won’t matter to most people).

    The 7 128 is perfect for your needs. Now, if you think you might rely on the phone camera, then the 8’s camera is better, but
  13. Chupa Chupa, Sep 24, 2017
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    Chupa Chupa macrumors G5

    Chupa Chupa

    Jul 16, 2002
    Most of the pro reviews suggest 7 users don’t get much bang for buck uograding to 8 so there is that. 8 has better camera but you say that’s not important to you so strike one for 8. Wireless charging is nice, charge pads not too expensive but you can also get cases for the 7 that offer same functionality. 8 has better screen but my 7 screen is pretty great.

    As for storage more is always convenient but also makes you lazy. I have a 128GB 7. Photos and videos take up 1/3 of the space easy because I never off load it. I do upload the pics to my Mac but then don’t bother to remove them afterwards. If I was conscientious I could pare down my storage needs. I have 200+ apps that take up about 45GB of storage. Music takes up 16GB or so.

    You just have to do the math to what storage size won’t leave you cramped. Could be 64. Could be 256. For me 64 isn’t enough. 256 too much. But I’d go on the bigger side because nothing is worse than a “low storage” pop-up.
  14. Damon2 macrumors regular

    Oct 17, 2016
    Storage is like the hardest decision.

    I have a 128GB iphone and have used nearly 40GB, now I could reduce that further with iCloud optimise if i wanted too. And thus 64GB may be be fine but I wouldn’t wanna get it just in case my habits change.

    I’m on the fence for the X and trying to weigh up storage options

    256 is definitely overkill but maybe it’s better to have too much?
  15. ryanwarsaw macrumors 68020


    Apr 7, 2007
    I had the same dilemma. My 7+ 128 is GSM and I moved to an area that isn't compatible. I like the larger size so my choice was 8+ 64, 256 or 7+ 128.

    I went with the 8+ 64. I made this choice for two reasons. As one poster said the price difference is very small. My other reasoning was i am done playing Apple's little storage game in regards to always forcing people higher in storage.

    If you buy the 128 now in all likelihood Apple will keep 64 GB storage the next year or so. So you have the same problem next year with 128 should you want to upgrade your phone. So if you buy the 256 GB in two years apple will come out with a 128 and 512 GB line up that makes you agonize again.

    So my advice is stick to 64 GB and when they announce 128 as the new base storage in two years you are on schedule to no longer get ripped off on storage.

    128 is the mid tier storage the 7+ was sold with. Sort of sad that I have to get the top model if I want to simply sync my phone and have it all fit with no management.

    I will actively manage my memory this time but in the future never again. Don't let Apple get you on 256 GB so you face the same problem over and over. Wait it out and maybe next year or the year after we get a 128 base model and that ought to be enough for just about anybody.

    Hey Tim here is some math pick the one that doesn't fit...

    A. 128/256

    B. 256/512

    C. 64/256

    I kid you not, Apple will release probably 128/512 next round and the very same frustration will present itself to those with 256.
  16. Damon2 macrumors regular

    Oct 17, 2016
    Tbh Apple will probably return 128GB next year. *roll eyes*

    Which imo is the sweet spot for me as far as storage goes.
  17. ryanwarsaw macrumors 68020


    Apr 7, 2007
    I think that is only likely if the top tier moves to 512. If they went 128/256 like it should have been this year then their bait is no longer effective. Not sure but does Apple ever increase their base storage with out an increase in the largest size?

    If we see 128 next year I am guessing the line up will be 64/128/256. So you will still pay the extra however much to get it. I doubt they would do that. How long did they milk 16gb?

    The problem with their strategy is people are beginning to feel simply fleeced. I hope the base models outsell the higher capacity units by a landslide. Apple could concentrate on their dongle business to make up the difference.

    With AirPods, charging pads, quick chargers and the rest Apple ought to let up a little on storage.
  18. hellopascal thread starter macrumors newbie


    Nov 16, 2016
    I was using a Nexus 5X until it broke. Then I had to go back to an iPhone 4 which surprisingly still works.
  19. 4ppleg1rl macrumors regular

    Aug 29, 2017
    I had this same predicament, I initially got the iPhone 7 and then returned it for the 8+. There's about £50 between the 7 128GB and 8 64GB, might as well get the 8 if you don't need a whole lot of storage. At least then you'll have the option of wireless/ fast charging if you need it - and I sure as hell think that lots of shops will start to incorporate charging pads (i.e. Starbucks) in the future - depending on how long you guys want to keep the phones!
  20. Rigby, Sep 24, 2017
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    Rigby macrumors 601

    Aug 5, 2008
    San Jose, CA
    I think this tips the scale toward the 8. The CPU and GPU on the new A11 SoC are significantly faster than the A10, so the device will probably have longer-lasting software support by the OS, apps and games. It also has (limited) hardware support for certain machine learning algorithms which may or may not become important as Apple is increasingly adopting on-device ML to implement features such as ARKit.

    The amount of memory really depends on your usage patterns. The 8 can be significantly more frugal when it comes to storing photos and videos since it has encoders for new high-efficiency codecs (HEIF and HEVC) that are said to reduce file sizes by ~50% without quality loss.
  21. hellopascal thread starter macrumors newbie


    Nov 16, 2016
    Thanks everyone. I'm currently leaning toward the 8 in 64GB. My only concern is that even with streaming and iCloud photo library this might not be enough in the long run.
  22. mythdemon macrumors newbie

    May 26, 2011
    San Diego, California

    I was in the same boat. I use a DSLR, but mainly shoot videos on the phone. So it was iPhone 8 256 for me. Hope the screenshot helps.
  23. protoxx macrumors 6502a


    Oct 10, 2013
    If you can't live within 64gb, see no need for more than 128gb, then the 7 is an option. Else one of the 8's
    The $30 difference between 64gb 8 and 128 gb 7 is 8 all the way if you can live with 64gb.
  24. hellopascal thread starter macrumors newbie


    Nov 16, 2016
    But aren't videos uploaded to the iCloud Photo library as well? Oh, and isn't the new video codec bringing these numbers down as well?

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