Buying an IPod abroad?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by Jude, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Jude macrumors newbie

    Jul 22, 2004
    Hi everyone

    I'm new to the board and this seems like a good place for techinical advice.

    I'm in the UK but am going to Hong Kong in September, and whilst I'm there, i'd like to buy various things which are cheaper. I looked on the Apple Hong Kong site and the Ipods are cheaper in HK. if I buy one, would it work in the UK? What would be the differences?

    Thanks for any help which can be given.

  2. w00tmaster macrumors regular

    Jun 21, 2004
    I bought mine in Japan, it works fine. Apple uses a universal power adaptor, so provided the prongs match, you should be good.
    Just be wary of eho you buy from in Hong Kong, a lot of fraud there from what I understand.
  3. Chip NoVaMac macrumors G3

    Chip NoVaMac

    Dec 25, 2003
    Northern Virginia
    You'll have to take a look at the warranty statement. I am not sure that Apple provides worldwide service.
  4. w00tmaster macrumors regular

    Jun 21, 2004
    No, they don't, as you aren't supposed to permantly take your Apple stuff outside the country, I asked. I lived in Japan a few months after I got the thing, I figured if a problem was going to creep up, it would do so in the first few months. If worse came to worse, I could always mail it to a friend in Japan....
    So I guess it boils down to how long are you going to be in Hong Kong and how much faith do you put in Apple's products.
  5. Abstract macrumors Penryn


    Dec 27, 2002
    Location Location Location
    Well even if you buy your iPod in another country, as long as you register your iPod as being from your home country, it should be covered there by your warranty, right? Anyway, I thought that PB's had a worldwide warranty. I remember checking into this before I bought my PB, as I'm in Oz for a year. I could be wrong, but if I'm right, then I'd assume that its the same thing with the iPod.

    I want to buy a 4th generation iPod while here in Australia (better battery life and better interaction with iTunes finally made me want one despite everything I've said about it), but the prongs are different than they are in Canada/USA. I asked if there was any way I could pay the Aussie price, but have an iPod with the Canadian prongs shipped to me, since it all probably comes from Taiwan or China anyway. They just kept redirecting my call and I gave up trying.
    The only solution is to get the World Travel Adapter kit from Apple, but $60 Cdn or $75 Australia is too much to pay for 6 prongs for the AC Adapter. I already have a worldwide adapter (not a voltage converter) that I bought for $12 USD, so paying $50 USD for an Apple specific kit isn't an option. However, it would be too annoying to use my worldwide adapter with an Aussie iPod every day when I go home to Canada, so I'm going to wait to get an AC Adapter with the proper prongs. *sigh* :(
  6. appleguy macrumors 6502


    Aug 23, 2002
    Auckland, NZ

    The iPod comes under the Portables umbralla so it comes with a worldwide warranty for one year (or two year if you buy AppleCare)
    my First iPod i brought I got while in the US, it died got it replaced back here in NZ you just have to keep your recepit..
    I have since got my 2nd Ipod...... I could not bare to be without one during the testing process at the service centre so I brought a new one
  7. Jude thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 22, 2004
    Thanks everyone.

    That sounds ok then, i was just worried that the ones in Hong Kong might have different settings (or something like that; I'm not very technically-minded!)

    I have relatives there so even if the warranty doesn't cover me, i'll send it to them if anything goes wrong.

    Thanks for the help.

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