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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 30, 2004.

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    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong and WRONG!

    Sent to Peter Burrows and posted here for your education:

    In your recent article "Bye-Bye Boring Beige Box" you state:
    "While former Intel Chairman Gordon Moore once famously predicted that chips would double in speed every 18 months, he forgot to mention they would also run much hotter."

    This is NOT what Moore stated. Moore's statement is much better summarized as: "the number of transistors per unit area will double every 18 months.". His statement/observation had nothing to do with performance, clock speed, data throughput or anything of the sort. In fact, even my alternate statement is over simplifying his comment.

    Further, in that VERY paper one section later Mr. Moore goes in to a discussion about heat generation and dissipation.

    I REALLY wish journalists would stop mis-quoting the man, even the most basic research in to this statement will show that you initial summary is just wrong.
    Download the paper in PDF and read the section "costs and curves" starting on page 2.

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