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Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by Kal-037, Jan 12, 2018.

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    I thought the new updated Siri would be smarter and maybe throw a joke in every once and a while. But darn she still sucks. She is the most stupid AI out there (technically she is just a voice command since AI requires intelligence.)

    Does Apple just not care? I tried out the google home for a few days and Google’s assistant was fantastic (she couldn’t do much as she is still getting caught up with being able to interface with many things like Amazon’s Alexa... *who is awesome too.)
    But really, holy crud Batman! She was smart, learned stuff, sounded very real and funny, all of which made Siri look stupid beyond comprehension.
    Here’s what Apple needs to do... make Siri an actual competitor to Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant, or scrap her and just buy a new one from some 12 year old kid, cause what they have is... junk.

    It would rock if there was a way to download an AI assistant with Cortana’s voice mixed with Google Assitant’s intelligence that was able to integrate into Apple’s, Windows, or Androids eco-system. I love Halo and whenever I use a properly made PC, Cortana is a dream to work with as well.

    Seriously though, can Apple the biggest tech giant out there not afford to really make Siri the best of the best? :confused:

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