California's dark underbelly

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    Here is the summary of a California initiative petition, amusingly titled “Clean Environment”, that has been approved for signature gathering:

    Legally, I do not think this could be put on the ballot, because it covers more than one subject (which is constitutionally prohibited in California). Hopefully not enough Californians are silly enough to put their signature on a thing like this (which glaringly omits chemtrails, round Earth and space aliens), though.
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    This link is from 2016, is this what you are referring to?
    If so, let's take a look at what life was like before these common sense regulations in California. As one who lived through it during these times, it was as bad as China is now.

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    You are correct that the link is 2 years old, but I am not talking about the lawsuit. The current measure is listed here:

    crazy soup
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    One of those that if on the ballot I will be voting against.
    Too broad and far too inclusive.
    Ballot via shoehorn.

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