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Nov 22, 2011
East Coast USA
yes i know we are beating a dead horse..however i picked up my ipad on friday with everyone else and immediately noticed i had a much warmer screen than my ipad2..almost like the iphone4 vs the 4s.

and this has nothing to do with glue drying what so ever and i can't speak for everyone one but after going back and forth with my ipad2 and some display models at the apple store i can honestly notice mine cooled and is pretty close to neutral.

photos taken with an iphone4 which btw has the coolest temp screen of them all by far

ipad2 on the left

pretty neutral

and my 3rd gen ipad vs a friends 2 year old sony vio

and lastly the black level is outstanding!! literaly makes the ipad2 look gray side by side

i don't want to mislead people who really have a deep yellow tint and make them believe theirs will go away over night but i can say with 100% certainty mine cooled ever so slightly


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Mar 11, 2008
Mine did too. I wasn't unhappy with it before to think about returning, but it's excellent now.


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Oct 29, 2006
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Pretty much what I'm seeing on my iPad 3 vs iPad 1 (sold the 2 before I got the 3). I took a bunch of shots setting the AE lock (on iPhone 4S) sampling each screen, and got as expected (3 even warmer if measuring the 2, and 2 even cooler if measuring the 3)

More importantly, I took some shots with AE locked on a know white object (an Apple Dock in this case), and the two iPads look very close. Based on my experience, the warmer tone of the iPad 3 is closer to the "ideal" working temp in °K (dang if I can't remember the number at the moment...).

My iPhone 4S display is pretty cool compared to the 3GS, which had the warmest temp of my iDevices iirc.

I'm not 100% sure I'm not seeing a shift towards the cooler side since Friday. Could be, or I'm just getting used to it.

You mentioned blacks. Wow! By comparison, the iPad 1 has a dark gray color. The dynamic range is amazing - now second only to my plasma display. I'm just now thinking I might even create a tweaked calibration for my 17" MBP (Early 2009 UB). The one I have now is very close to Apple's default for that display, and is a bit cooler overall than the iPad 3's.
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