Other Call reception SE vs 8 vs XR?


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Aug 4, 2010
Last year I got the XR, but didn't like the size.

I got the SE instead, but I find people are much more frequently having a problem hearing me in a call, especially if there is some ambient noise around med.

Will the XR have better noise cancelling of unwanted noise compared to SE?

If I go to the middle-ground with an 8 now, will it improve upon the SE?


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Nov 22, 2017
I had zero problems with those phones, the XR I used a few month only, the 8 is my actual phone and the SE my partner´s.

In some places I get 4G (8) and my partner doesn't (SE).

Maybe better antenas? don´t know really
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Infinite Vortex

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Mar 6, 2015
The simplest way to know for sure if some someone who has the phone you're interested and uses the same cellular service provider. Then you can call someone who has problems hearing you with your SE from both your SE and the newer phone to directly check the difference.
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Jul 15, 2016
I use an SE and my wife uses an 8. The call reception seems to be the same, although the microphone on the SE sits in a different place on the cheek due to the smaller size of the phone. The 8 has a bit better cell service in weaker areas, but otherwise the phones are comparable for phone usage.
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