Caller given a option to press a key to go through with the call or go to voice mail. Ideas?

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    iPhone 6S

    I'm looking to see if there's any way to give a caller an option to either reach me or go to voice mail by pressing a key.

    Example: I'm busy, but not too busy to not take really important calls. When someone calls me, they'd be greeted with a type of voice message "NAME is busy at the moment, but if it's important press 1 or press 2 to leave a message.

    Naturally I know of the Do not disturb and Emergency bypass option. Not what I mean. I'd like each caller to be given the option for this. Kinda like a switchboard I guess.

    Anyone know of a way?
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    That's a carrier side type of thing. Your carrier would have to offer that as an option. It's not something that can be handled by the handset.
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    Man you are from Norway...hire a nice blond secretary
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    Good idea, but don't think it will work well as anyone that calls you will be choosing that is an important call, even though is not, so just they can get hold of you :) no one will chose to go to voicemail.
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    Nov 14, 2016
    You can't do this with your phone and i have search the web, couldn't find any app either sorry

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