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iPad Can anyone help with iPad case question?


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Jun 4, 2018
Hi All,

I have one of the new ipads 9.7 inch, model A1954. I have been searching EVERYWHERE for a case that is comparable to one Samsung makes for their Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Case: EF-BT350B) - (Link:

Why is this so hard to find something similar? I've seen this case and the long flap on the right flips back and magnetically holds the front onto the back so you can use it without the cover flapping around on the back. The regular apple covers are magnetic, but really do stink when it comes to securing themselves on the back when using the device in tablet mode.

Does really no such similar case exist for the ipad? Can anyone help me find something similar?

Thanks so much in advance...


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Aug 26, 2009
The UAG have a small flap that doesn't flap around. If you get the Apple Smart cover, that also doesn't flap around. You could pair it with a back cover if you need full coverage. Tucano Guscio case has a flap but its $90.
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