Can Applecare be transfered to new owners in a different country?


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Jan 15, 2007
I am currently looking to sell my US iMac in Germany where I have been living for the past 2 years. Is it possible to take the Applecare I have on it and transfer it to a German? I know that I can get service overseas on my mac, but I'm not sure if I sell it to another national whether or not they can get service.


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May 21, 2007
Since Applecare is attached to the product, not the buyer, I don't see why not. Read the terms and conditions of your Applecare (you should still have this!). Look under the section that discusses transfers.


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Oct 13, 2004
London, England
I bought an iBook and AppleCare in the USA. The iBook was damaged before I registered the AppleCare but I ws recently able to activate the AppleCare in the UK on a MacBook. I think the AppleCare is country agnostic.


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" *
Where can I purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan?
* The AppleCare Protection Plan is available at the online Apple Store, Apple retail stores, and many Apple Authorized Resellers. Apple recommends that you purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan in your country of residence, because each AppleCare Protection Plan has terms and conditions specific to consumers of the country or region in which the plan is offered. Please see the AppleCare Protection Plan Terms and Conditions for complete details.

What does “global repair coverage” mean?
* If you take your Apple hardware with you when you travel and happen to need repair service, the AppleCare Protection Plan offers global repair coverage. You can either go to an Apple retail store or contact Apple for information on how to obtain service. Service will be limited to the options available in the country where service is requested. Service options, parts availability, and response time vary according to country. Please see the AppleCare Protection Plan Terms and Conditions for complete details.