Can AT&T Meet iPhone Network Demands?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 25, 2009.

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    The short answer is no!
    But the article does a good job going over the existing issues.
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    I'm not so sure that any US carrier can handle the demands by itself at this point. The truth is that the US cell (3G) networks have been seriously lagging for some time. Using our dumbphones, we never noticed, and there were few enough people using 3G smartphones (or everyone was using 2.5G Blackberries) that no-one noticed how bad it was. But with the iPhone 2G/3G, millions more jumped on the bandwagon (myself included) and now the problems, which have been swept under the rug for so long, have come to light.
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    This really actually depends on what part of AT&T's network you are talking about. Because there network in South Florida is a night and day difference from what is around the rest of the country.

    We don't really have the problems down here that everyone else describes. And the speed down here is consistently over 1 Mbps, close to 2 Mbps often.

    So yes they can meet iPhone network demands in some parts. Most parts, no they can't.
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    If you look at the coverage map pretty much the whole south east of the country looks perfect. I don't have many coverage problems, but only 1 place I go to has no service and that is where we buy saws and stuff so I don't care.
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    no carrier is prepared for it that much is true. iPhone just adds to a strain already happening from other smart phones.

    Smart Phones are causing a massive strain on the network across the board. Some of it is sloppy design by apple part or at least apple not limited the number of connection it request so it kills it even more.

    But smart phones across the board are becoming very popular and even in the rescission they have a huge growth rate. That means a lot more data usage will be needed MMS not so much but apple mess that one up earily on by taking Apple 2 years to even allow its phones to MMS and ATT screwed up adjusting to it.

    But smart phones data usage across the board just cause massive increased in required bandwith that they did not have the data history to be able to project how much more was needed to handle it. Now everyone is scrabling to prepare for it.
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    Jan 30, 2009
    I agree with Rod no network can. If it was verizon even it would have crumbled under the pressure as well (I came from Verizon coverage was/is awesome but they are not god's gift to cell service)

    When/If the iPhone branches out to other carriers then I think we wont see as many issues on ATT. Many of the people who left Verizon for ATT for the iPhone will go back to them (provided thats where it goes next)

    I personally will sit on ATT I gotta admit in my area (the PHX area in AZ) coverage is great at home and at work and even around town plus my calls sound great as well.
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    Coverage in the Southwest is great also. I live in San Diego and have no problems.
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    No one can handle the iPhone's traffic. It's great to see AT&T working up to this points with their network still intact.

    As for the pipelines they want to put into work, the article has made it clear it's not AT&T's problem, rather slow permissions that allow them to dig for new Fiber Optic lines.

    As for the backhaul problem, that's AT&T's own fault. They knew something like this could happen, if they didn't at least they should have for seen it. Upgrading the network and leaving its backhaul exact does nothing.

    I for one am happy with AT&T so far and have no plans to leave them.

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