Can get LTE but it won't stay and goes to 4G


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Jun 26, 2010
Ok, so I am wondering if this is normal. I don't live in an LTE coverage area but very close to one. I noticed over the last couple days that when I am in the LTE area, sometimes the phone won't go to LTE without me either throwing it into airplane mode and then making the phone find the network again or by going into general and then cellular and turning LTE off and then back on again. Then it will connect under LTE. With that said, after it connects on LTE, I have found that it won't stay connected at LTE. Example, I do the above and then it connects and I use the phone for a bit. Throw the phone into sleep and into my pocket and then 10 minutes later I take the phone out to use it again and it's back to 4g and won't go back to LTE unless I do this all over again. I have read a few things in the forums here talking about calling and having their registration reset and stuff. Does this sound like my problem, or maybe something else.

Anyone have a clue? Also, I'm hesitant about calling and asking for them to reset registration since I am home and not in the LTE area right now. I'm not sure I would even know if it worked.



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Jul 28, 2008
I live in an LTE area and notice the same thing. I'll lose LTE at work going in the elevator but web I get out it doesn't come back unless I turn LTE off and then back on. Other times I pull it out of my pocket it will be on 4g and won't switch to LTE unless I turn it off and back on.


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Nov 21, 2005
Orlando, Florida
I haven't seen this. I have a steady LTE connection in my house, lost it to 3G when I was driving downtown, and back to LTE automatically when ingot back into a covered area. In the store today I lost all signal ( well, into extended) and LTE came back when I went outside. No issues auto switching back and forth.

Maybe because you're in a weak / marginal signal area?


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Aug 10, 2010
Or since LTE is very battery-consuming (ask android users), iOS won't switch you out of 4G unless it requires heavy data usage..... A guess. But think about it, background stuff like checking email and pushing notifications don't really need 50MB down throughput.