Can i buy an iphone and use it without ever connecting it to a computer?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Soulweaponry, Jan 24, 2012.

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    I want to buy an iphone 4s this week. My only issue is, i don't want to hook it up to my pc right now. I want to wait until i can buy a macbook next month to finally hook it up. Would this work? I still want to download apps and stuff through the app store on my phone. How would that work when getting a macbook and finally hooking it up? Would my apps sync to my macbook or be erased when it's connected? I thought syncing only worked from the computer to the phone, not from the phone to the computer?
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    Yes, it will work. Have had my 4S for over 2 months and not once have I hooked it up to my MBA.
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    Assuming you log in with the same Apple ID on your new Mac as you do on your iPhone, it doesn't really matter which way the apps sync. Both devices will have access to those same apps because you don't have to pay to re-download apps you've already bought under your Apple ID.

    Now, as far as app data is concerned, like your savegames, those don't sync anyway. If you back up your iPhone to a computer, that backup will have your savegames (when you restore from backup, all-or-nothing), but if you delete an app off the phone then use the computer to sync it back, it's going to be fresh; no savegames, same as re-downloading it.

    You can get your iPhone now. When you first sync it later, it's not going to delete anything from your phone. Although, my experience is based on having everything set to manually managed. I'm not positive what happens when you have auto-sync turned on for stuff. But this concern would only be for app data like savegames; the apps themselves are already bought and can always be re-downloaded for free.
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    If you need mp3s use download pro it's got it's own mp3 player I now use it over iTunes if I haven't got my mac
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    Luckily for you the iPhone 4S is the first iPhone that you can set up and use without connecting it to a computer ;)
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    well actually any iOS device can if you have iCloud and wifi...because I don't have a 4s just a 4 and I haven't synced since 5.0

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